A Beautiful… permanently white smile made easy.

minimized chair time, maximized results
LUMINEERS® with LUMITray™ Technology makes it possible to give your patients healthy, beautiful, and permanently white smiles in only 2 visits. With full-arch placement, the actual seating process takes only 1 hour.

First visit

The following patient records are required:
• Upper and lower impressions
• Photographs
• Bite registration

Between visits
The proprietary technology generates a digital smile preview prior to actual production for your approval via e-mail.
• A hands-on, collaborative effort between you and the lab during the manufacturing process provides added flexibility and eliminates surprises.
• Any needed corrections or adjustments can be made before incurring the cost and time of remakes and wasted chair time




What you see is precisely what you get

• Digital smile preview helps ensure that the
second visit is a success

Second visit

In just 1 hour, expertly
• Prepare
• Place
• Clean up
• Deliver up to 10 veneers

Take advantage of a short,
1-hour seating process.

Next generation tray technology elevating the standard-ofcare in cosmetic dentistry



Simple, minimally-invasive treatment plan

  • Now you can transform your practice while you transform your patients’ lives with cost-effective, healthy, beautiful smiles.
  • It has never been simpler to plan, prepare, and place porcelain veneers
  • Unlike traditional veneers, this innovative treatment plan does not require 6-8 hours of difficult chair time
  • There is no longer a need to be a veneer specialist in order to place veneers


Novel digital veneer design system

  • Patented 3-D modeling software program known as CAD/CAM technology digitally scans and interprets patients’ veneer measurements
  • Technicians interactively build the veneers directly on a digital 3-D design with micron-accurat precision
  • A special haptic device allows force feedback, giving technicians full 3-D manipulation and sense


Unique, full-arch LUMITray delivery system

  • Once the veneers are produced, they are fitted in a LUMITray designed to create a precise, full-arch seating arrangement
  • Revolutionary and simple, LUMITray provides smooth, all-in-one placement (or seating)
  • LUMITray delivery system replaces the traditional one-at-a-time seating process, saving time and money
  • Delivery system also includes reshaping trays and optional protection tray for maintenance




Patient- and practice-friendly technology

  • Breakthrough system provides speed, accuracy, consistent quality, and fit—all of which add up to reduced chair time and cost savings
  • An exciting, cost-effective option that will help your practice grow

A beautiful smile at a lower cost with breakthrough tray technology

An innovative solution with the power to change minds

  • – LUMINEERS with LUMITray Technology is a highly affordable option
  • – Given today’s tough economic environment, this option may be exactly what patients are looking for
  • – Historically, cost and fear of pain are the top reasons why patients decide not to get cosmetic veneers.
  • – Now that veneers are no longer cost-prohibitive, patients can get the beautiful, white smile they’ve always wanted without the fear, pain, and costs of traditional veneers

A dependable practice-builder in uncertain times

  • – Sell and expertly seat more porcelain veneers
  • – Reduce chair time while simultaneously increasing profitability

A price point to increase case conversions

  • – Cosmetic veneers offered at a very competitive price point will effectively increase case conversions, turning potential LUMINEERS patients into smiling, satisfied customers. The flexibility of that price point, however, allows you to manage your practice and meet your patients’ needs.

The following guide is relevant to LUMITray and is available for download in PDF Format.

  LUMITray Chairside Reference Guide

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