Zabadne Sterling is proud to offer PeriOptix lights and loupes. Our lightweight frame and headlamp designs support better ergonomics, resulting in less strain on your neck and an overall more comfortable working experience.

Our frames are designed by premium brand names such as Adidas, Hogies, and Univet, allowing us to provide exceptional quality, class and value to a variety of ZS customers.

Since being founded in 1999, PeriOptix, a leader in magnification and illumination technologies, has introduced a number of innovations that include:
• A unique modular frame system
• The first portable LED light source
• Our proprietary locking mechanism expressly designed to simplify the adjustment of flip up style loupes
PeriOptix are available in ready-made and custom loupes. We offer a full-suite of high-quality magnification and illumination products, all at an unbeatable value for the clinician.


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