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Infinity cement is a self-adhesive, all-purpose cement ideal for cementation of porcelain-metal, zirconium, all-ceramic, resin and ceramic inlay/onlays, cast metal and all types of posts. The self-adhesive formula syringes easily into place, minimizing placement and post-operative sensitivity by sealing dentin tubules. You will get non-microleaking, stress-resistant margins every time. That’s why thousands of dentists make Infinity their #1 choice in resin cement.

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Infinity original A & B Kit

A crown cemented with Infinity is there to stay.

Infinity cement is a self-adhesive, all-purpose cement ideal for cementation of porcelain-metal, zirconium, all-ceramic, resin and ceramic inlay/onlays, cast metal and all types of posts. The self-adhesive formula syringes easily into place, minimizing placement and post-operative sensitivity by sealing dentin tubules. You will get non-microleaking, stress-resistant margins every time. That’s why thousands of dentists make Infinity their #1 choice in resin cement.


  • All-porcelain crown and bridge cementation
  • PFM crown and bridge cementation
  • Amalgam cementation
  • Fluoride-releasing base/liner
  • Maryland bridge cementation
  • Endodontic post-and-core cementations
  • Resin or ceramic inlays and onlays



  • All-purpose cement for all clinical applications
  • Insoluble, non-microleaking margins
  • Dual-cure
  • Prevents post-operative sensitivity
  • Self-adhesive, no bonding agent required in most instances
  • Auto-mixing syringe delivery system
  • Fracture resistant
  • Low film thickness
  • Cleans-up in seconds
  • Clinically successful, long-lasting bond

The following documents are relevant to Infinity and are available for download in PDF Format.


Instructions for Holistore Jars

Instructions for Geristore Syringeable

Geristore Dual-Cure Composite Research Reference Guide


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A crown cemented with Infinity is there to stay.


Clean the tooth surfaces thoroughly.


Etch the tooth with Etch’N’Seal, Den-Mat’s 37% Phosphoric Acid medium viscosity etchant with .05% Oxide for decreased sensitivity.

NOTE: The above procedure was performed on a dentin surface. Please follow the instructions for preparation of other surfaces.


Once you have completely rinsed and dried the echant off the tooth, apply 3-5 coats of Tenure MPB bonding agent to the tooth and dry.


Apply one thin coat of Tenure S and dry to a thin coat.


Light cure the Tenure S


  • Align the straight edge of the auto mixing housing with the small flange
  • Push the mixing tip onto the syringe
  • Turn 90 degrees clockwise until it stops
  • Attach the intraoral tip firmly (If necessary)


NOTE: You must extrude a pea-sized amount of material after placing the mixing tip on the syringe – discard this material. This is crucial to ensure that Infinity Syringable sets properly. Repeat this step each time a mixing tip is placed on the syringe.


Pre treat the interior surface of the PFM restoration if necessary

NOTE: Contact your laboratory to determine if any surface treatment is required for the restoration you are placing


Dispense Infinity into the cast metal restoration

NOTE: For inlays, syringe material directly onto the tooth


Seat the restoration under occlusal forces. Allow the restoration to set for 2-3 minutes.


Briefly light cure the excess material that has extruded from the margins until it reaches a gel consistency


Remove the gelled excess with an instrument


Use dental floss to remove any excess material in the interproximal


Final Restoration

Infinity A
Infinity B
Infinity SE
Infinity Syringeable

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these Files

What is Infinity?

Infinity is a fluoride releasing, resin ionomer, biocompatible, dual-cure cement that is ideal for bonding crowns, bridges, and onlays of any material.

Infinity is known as an insoluble material. What does that mean to me as a dentist?

Insoluble properties prevent marginal wash out and microbial invasions. In addition, it results in less micro-leakage compared to products with zinc phosphates. This leads to long lasting restorations that the dentist can be confident in.

How will using Infinity as my cement of choice save me time?

Infinity cures with or without a light. Excess material is removed within 10 seconds. Infinity is simple and easy to use with minimal waste. No etching, bonding, or mixing is required. All of these factors combine to eliminate the need for multiple procedures or products.

How many crowns can I cement with one syringe of Infinity?

Cementing multiple crowns at one time will increase the efficiency of the syringe by mitigating waste associated with using the auto-mix tip. All restorations have different surface areas and therefore, utilize varying amounts of material. This answer is dependant on several different factors, and there is no real answer to the question. Each syringe of Infinity contains 10g of material.

Is it recommended to use Infinity for all porcelain crowns and Zirconium?

Yes. Infinity is indicated for PFM’s, all porcelain crowns and Zirconium restoratives.

Is it recommended to use Infinity for LUMINEERS and veneers?

No. We recommend Ultra-Bond Plus as the ideal luting agent for LUMINEERS and veneers. Ultra-Bond Plus was developed with matched physical properties and shade flexibility ideal for veneer cementation.

What people say!

Infinity is great for structural cementation. I especially like it for crowns and Procera and Wolf-ceram. The clean up is the best I have ever experienced.”

Lawrence Sutton, DDS

After years of frustration with cement washout and recurrent decay, we now use Tenure AB and Infinity cement exclusively. Just microetch, bond and place the retoration… no time wasted. Geristore and Core Paste have become a critical addition to my restorative armamentarium, especially when other products just don’t cut it. The dual cure property of the Den-Mat products has made clean-up incredibly easy and increased my confidence in the longevity of my restorations. I love the stuff! Thanks, Den-Mat.”

Thomas V Kelly
Raleigh, NC

Crown and bridge cement that is clinically proven to hold up beyond the test of time.”

Louis Kaufmann
Chicago, IL

Ease of use is the best way to describe Infinity Syringeable. No post-op sensitivity has been reported by my patients. It is the only cement that I use for my gold and bridge cementations. It cleans up easily after just 2-3 minutes. My staff loves the easy syringe set-up. Just change tips and you’re ready to go. My hygienists no longer mind cleaning excess material off of cementations. They tell me that it’s much easier to work with than the old cements we previously used. I like that there is much less waste and we no longer need to order single spill or double spill capsules.”

Louis Kaufmann
Chicago, IL

Knock on wood – we have been using Infinity Syringeable to cement all our crowns for about a year. As of this date we have not had one crown come off. We have not had one patient complain of post – operative sensitivity. Do you you know how nice it is not to take up chair time listening to people talk about their sensitivity. What a great product!”

Robert L Garabedian
Fresno, CA

I could not stop using Infinity if I tried! My dental assistant loves the ease of cementation without the extra steps of conditioning, etching, etc. Once exposed to the curing light, the clean-up is practically done as she “flicks off” the surplus cement with a sealer and the patient is on their way. Literally, no fuss, no mess. With the syringe, there is no need for pads, muxing and extra time.”

David W Powell
Golden, CO

After 49 years of practice, I have finally found the perfect dental crown and bridge cement. Infinity, made by Den-Mat will exceed all your expectations and make your work a lot easier.”

Dr. Charles R. Haynie
Little Rock, AR

I have used Den-Mat Infinity resin cement on several occasions for seating full crown restorations and found it to be an excellent product. I particularly liked the ease of use of this syringeable cement, texture, and viscosity are fine and cleanup is simple and fast because of its dual cure compatibility. I have not used a bonding agent with this cement, although I’m told it is an option.”

Dr. Robert Gallagher
Weymouth, MA

I Love Infinity! Before using Infinity, patients were coming back to get their crown recemented. Ever since I started using Infinity I haven’t had any recementations. I switched from Calibra & Durelon because it is easy to use.”

Dr. T Taft
Friendswood, TX

I am a dentist who doesn’t change products often. However, last year I changed from 3M’s Rely ARC cement for crown cementation to your product: Infinity Cement. What a difference! I have had to re-cement countless crowns and posts with the Rely system. I had spoken with their technical support to verify our technique. Since switching to Infinity not only are all the crowns securely cemented, but the technique is easier as well. The 3-5 second cure enables me to clean up quickly and easily. When this cement is set it is HARD! I am so glad I switched.”

Dr. Sigismondi
West Sayville, NY

Smooth consistency, excellent strength, good setting time, love the syringeable system.”

Dr. C Blumenfeld
Brampton, Ontario, CN

Since the first time I used Infinity Resin Ionomer cement by Den-Mat Corp, chairside time has been reduced. It is easy to use and clean up after. Patients report no sensitivity. I haven’t used another cement since then.”

Dr. Janet Cheng
Toronto, ON Canada

Infinity is an easy to dispense, reliable cement with great adhesion. Excellent in a moist environment. A wonderful cement!”

Dr. Mitchell Klein
Lauderhill, FL

Infinity is a great product. It has an easy delivery system and is easy to clean up. We plan to continue using Infinity for our crown & bridge work.”

Dr’s. Bill Nash & Alex Knoell
Smyrna, TN

Infinity crown and bridge cement. Its most outstanding features are: quick set, ease of clean up, and no waste. I had used powder liquid cements for years. Infinity’s syringeable system is light years ahead – I now use it almost exclusively.”

Dr. Mark Blank
Laurel, MD

Use of Infinity and Geristore has dramatically increased my productivity and income.”

Dr. Richard Kaufman
Glen Cove, NY

I have recently switched to Infinity and am sold on this outstanding Den-Mat product. I like its ease of use, ease of clean-up after crown cementation and it’s adhesion, strength and consistent track record. Praises to Den-Mat for another quality product innovation!!”

Dr. Warren Gabaree
Santa Maria, CA

We recently started using your Infinity cement for our routine crown and bridge procedures as well as orthodontic band cementing. I have been practicing dentistry for 33 years and this is one of the best new products I have ever seen.”

Dr. Roger Reeves
Simpsonville, SC

I find the automix Infinity cement extremely easy to use when placing gold crowns, both single and multiple units. The ease of clean-up of excess adhesive is superior to anything I have ever used!”

Dr. Thomas Connelly
Boston, MA

Infinity has dependable strength and adhesion, low solubility and is kind to the pulp. The new delivery system is fast, efficient, and eliminates mixing errors!”

Dr. Mark Ericsson
Boca Raton, FL

Crowns in my office have been cemented since 1993 with Infinity. Easy to use and reliable. A crown cemented with Infinity is there to stay! It is the best material I have ever used to cement posts and crowns.”

Dr. Enrique Trevino
Juarex, Mexico