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“PERFECtemp II gives me the opportunity to create provisional restorations for my patients that look so good they don’t want to remove them!” – Ed Lowe, DMD


“I love PERFECtemp II because it’s esthetic, has minimal shrinkage and is kind to the underlying teeth. Our assistants love it because it’s easy to trim and polish. Our patients love it because it sets quick and has no unpleasant taste or odor.” – Douglas C. Jungman, DDS



2007 Reality 4-Star award 2009 Reality 4-Star award
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PERFECTemp 2 - Awards and Endorsements

Strong and beautiful temporaries at a practice-friendly price

PERFECtemp II is the tried-and-true provisional with a 10-year satisfaction history. This temporary crown and bridge material has the strength to resist breakage and wearing, combined with the shade options and polishability to match the esthetics of a natural-looking tooth.

PERFECtemp II also offers:

  • 6 min set time; 2.5 min removal time
  • Easy trimming and polishing for a natural luster
  • 5 Vita shades for a perfect match
  • Both cartridge and syringe options
  • Affordable pricing compared to leading competitors

Try the temporary solution that’s right for your patients and your practice.


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Perfectemp II

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Technical Specifications

  • Shrinkage (linear): .45%
  • Strength
    • Compressive Strength: 150 MPa
    • Transverse Strength: 60 MPa
    • Diametral tensile strength: 31 MPa
    • Barcol Hardness: 20
  • Water Sorption: 25 µg/mm³
  • Shades: A1, A2, A3.5, B1, BL1
  • Working Time: 1:00
  • Intra Oral Set Time: 1:30
  • Total Set Time: 6:00
  • Delivery Methods
    • 5 ml syringe: extrudes easily providing up to 10 units of material
    • 50 ml 4:1 automix cartridge provides up to 100 units of material
  • Shelf Life: 24 mos. from manufacture


Product # Item
SPD1300 Shade A1
SPD1301 Shade A2
SPD1302 Shade A3.5
SPD1303 Shade B1
SPD1320 Shade B2
SPD1304 Tips
SPD1178 Dispenser Gun 4:1