Is your LUMINEERS patient a bruxer? LUMIGuard is the answer. LUMIGuard is an occlusal protection plate that can be worn during the day or night. It is specifically designed to protect LUMINEERS from bruxing, prolonging the life of your patients’ new LUMINEERS smiles. The custom fit and minimalistic design of LUMIGuard means you can provide comfortable protection for your patients’ perfect new smiles. LUMIGuards can be fabricated and delivered at the same time as LUMINEERS.

Soft Bruxing Mouthguard

Our Soft Bruxing Mouthguards are durable, providing long-lasting protection for your patients. The comfortable custom fit and minimal profile of these patient-friendly mouthguards allow your patients to wear them day or night. Plus, our custom-fabricated mouthguards account for occlusal discrepancies. With a Soft Bruxing Mouthguard from the LUMINEERS Studio, you and your patients can be confident that their teeth are protected.

Bleaching Tray

Our durable, custom-fitted resin bleaching trays are designed with specifically placed reservoirs to hold the bleaching solution in the ideal location to effectively whiten teeth.


If you prefer traditional prep, let our Studio techs fabricate a beautiful stint so you can provide temps that will keep your patients smiling until they get their Cerinate® traditional veneers.