PFM Crown

When it comes to PFM crowns, our experienced lab technicians make the difference. Their skill allows them to produce an esthetic, high-strength restoration that you and your patients can depend on. Porcelain margins are available.

PFM Bisque Bake Crown

Try-in with our PFM bisque bake crowns and assure high levels of occlusal accuracy. Once you have achieved proper intercuspation, our expert technicians will finish the glaze, producing a highly accurate, attractive restoration.

Captek™ Crown

Thin, minimally invasive Captek crowns are the result of 30 years of research. The unique composite metal coping of Captek crowns resists harmful bacteria and plaque, giving your patients a natural, long-lasting crown that is healthy for gingiva. Once Captek crowns receive their opaque layers, the final product is a durable, accurate and attractive restoration that patients are sure to appreciate.

Full-Cast Metal Crown

Our full-cast metal crowns provide proven strength and dependability. They are available in precious, semi-precious and non-precious metal, all of which are ideal for posterior applications. Crafted by expert technicians, full-cast metal crowns from our Studio are the crowns you and your patients can rely on