What is Snap-It?

Snap-It! is the revolutionary removable appliance that requires no prepping, no injections, and no adhesives.  The medical-grade resin composition is flexible yet incredibly strong and can last for years.  The appliance simply snaps into place over the patient’s existing dentition, and there is no palatal coverage.  Snap-It! is the ideal replacement for uncomfortable partial dentures or bulky flippers that make eating a chore.


Why Snap-It?

Snap-It! lives up to its name. It simply “snaps on” to adjacent teeth and provides a stable and esthetic temporary solution for implant patients. It is designed specifically for smaller coverage area, such as gaps or implants, consisting of five units or less. Unlike traditional flipper appliances, it’s convenient and simple to place, it’s non-invasive, and it’s comfortable and attractive.

TFlippers can cover the palate, causing the patient to lose the ability to taste food. They can also exert stress on the teeth that they attach to and possibly shorten their life span. They’re bulky, unstable and uncomfortable. In short, they’re no fun.

Give your patients the implant temporary solution they’ll appreciate. Snap-It!…it’s the simpler, better implant temporary from Snap-On Smile.


The Snap-It! Advantage

–   Fewer adjustments required – no metal clasps
–   Better fit – does not impinge on the gingival tissue or cover the palate
–   More esthetically pleasing
–   Far less chair time
–   Improved patient satisfaction and compliance
–   Proven in thousands of cases



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